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Blo͞o Outlier Journal issue #3 PDF download

Blo͞o Outlier Journal issue #3

the natural history haiku edition

ed. Alan Summers

dedicated to Gene Murtha

published: Summer 2022

21 responses to “Blo͞o Outlier Journal issue #3 PDF download”

  1. Reblogged this on Haikutec’s Weblog and commented:

    The Natural History Edition is out!

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  2. Congrats, Alan. Looking forward to reading it. ~nan

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    1. Great! It’s designed so readers can enjoy dipping in and out, and take their time, as it’s such a large issue, almost an anthology!

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  3. […] Source: Blo͞o Outlier Journal issue #3 – Haiku Basecamp […]

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  4. Lorraine Pester Avatar
    Lorraine Pester

    Wow! So worth the wait!

    such a wonderful variety of work (and i’m only up to page 50). Gene Murtha is pleased.

    i really like the formatting and grouping of each poet’s work. and thank you for publishing my work.

    it would be nice if journal issues could be included in THF awards.

    lorraine pester

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    1. Thanks Lorraine! I definitely hope readers do nominate for the various haiku awards out there! warm regards, Alan


  5. Oh wow, I’m so looking forward to reading this, Alan! Many thanks for putting it together.


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    1. Thank you!

      It’s edited to follow a reader’s preferred pace of how they’d like to take their time.

      warm regards,


  6. Alan,
    You have created this wonder-like anthology reminding me of one of those marvelous curiosity shops from childhood just filled with treasures, things often unseen or overlooked or even things you think you know, but now see from a different perspective. It’s not a one time visit and each visit produces something delightful. What a joy to be able to enter wherever one’s fingers take them, spend time, and go back as many times as wanted.
    Thank you for the special feature you did on my poems. My heart is full.


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    1. Thanks Jo, that’s exactly what I wanted as I progressed through this issue, for it to be different, and do justice to everyone’s work. It did turn out to be an anthology as well, didn’t it!

      warm regards,


  7. Joseph P Wechselberger Avatar
    Joseph P Wechselberger

    Beautiful work, Alan, and well worth the wait! A joy to read. Thank you for featuring my work and photos.


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    1. Thanks Joe, for the comments and making this issue (and anthology) special.


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  8. What a lovely surprise today, in fact briefly at 4 am!
    Thank you. This wonderful Natural history haiku Bloo Outlier Journal issue 3, its Editor Alan Summers.
    I am loving reading it, and will have such pleasure reading lots and lots more of it.

    I am thrilled to be featured with five haiku, two of which are about a very special day when we celebrated our granddaughter’s 18th Birthday on a narrowboat on The Shropshire Union Canal. Accompanying these two poems is an amazing video.
    Thank you so very much Alan, from Maureen Weldon x

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    1. Thank you for lovely comments and helping make the issue just that extra bit special too!

      warm regards,

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  9. Hi Alan,

    So now we have it: Blo͞o Outlier Journal, issue 3, the natural history issue! I’m finding it totally engrossing, rewarding and inspiring. Bet we all are.

    The features (including my partner Maureen Weldon’s); the guest haiku: the artwork and photography… Issue 3 is a journal of the highest standard, the work emphasising the interconnectedness of all lifeforms inhabiting this planet, and the necessity of looking after the environment. An imperative, for sure.

    Many thanks for publishing my haiku.

    Best always,


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    1. Thank you so much for validating the issue, deeply appreciated, as is your work, and that of Maureen, and of course every single poet who gave a haiku to make this bigger than us.

      warm regards,

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  10. Thank you for your kind comments, and helping make the issue that bit extra special as did every poet!


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